Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Searcher

Help me Lord, I feel so weary
From daily struggles deep inside.
Please help me know that you are real,
Teach me to abide in your love.

I want to know your inner peace,
The kind hidden deep inside.
Just to feel your sweet release,
And in your love abide.

I'm tired Lord of playing games,
Never sharing my inner thoughts.
Always smiling at the right times.
Seeing so clearly what I am not.

Release me Lord from chains of bondage,
Let me fly with wings on high.
Cut those chains that hold me captive.
I want to soar and touch the sky.

Freedom comes from knowing Jesus,
At least that's what I've been told.
I seach, I cry, I beg to know Him,
And pray one day His hand I'll hold.

Some days are filled with nothingness,
Those days seem so terribly long.
I cry out to God for knowledge,
Just to know to Him I do belong.

I hope one day I will awaken,
With promised of a new dawn's light.
All darkness, sorrow and despair,
Replaced by God's own wondrous light.

That day I'll sing and should Alleluia,
My heart will finally be free in thee.
The past now only a dim shadow,
God has released me, free to be me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Portrait of Our Church

I close my eyes and visualize a portrait of our church hanging on the wall of my mind.
I can see your face, and can call most by name; sadly there are some I cannot find.
So many new faces, such vitality here; phenomenal growth all through the year!
Changes have been made, with more to come; but the thought does not bring fear.

I look at the portrait knowing we are part of it, and feeling some momentary pride.
Knowing it took work and prayer to create this unity, binding talents side by side.
But I see the growth, not only in size, but by looking deeply into familiar eyes.

This is a church of ordinary people expecting extraordinary things to take place.
We determine not to be a church tied up in culture or concerned by looks or race.
Over there are our pastors, busy leaders, weekly expounding the word of God
They know their God given mandate is to ensure our feet are adequately shod.

So strong and yet humble our shepherds try to accomplish a tremendous feat
In challenging us they are driven to see we’re not here just to warm a seat.
I see in this picture brave people aligning their convictions with God’s word.
People whose sustenance is taken from the messages they have heard.
Messengers with open ears and hearts passing on the words they learned
Scriptures preached to us have left their mark and in our minds are burned.

It is no simple picture behind my eyes that depicts not just your face
But one of my brothers and sisters in Christ all saved by amazing grace.
So do not laugh when I talk about the picture behind my eyes wall
Because to me it reminds me once again of God’s greatest gift of all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


In days gone by they noted the passing of time
By placing marks upon a wall, or stretching out a line.
Sands that sat in an hourglass pouring life away.
For man has always known he was not here to stay.

Pendulum or digital, it can only count out the hour,
And sadly the march of time is not within our power.
The brevity of life has always stared us in the face,
But we expected to be granted some extra days of grace.

Even now it shocks us, the steady march of time,
For it was but yesterday your body was feeling fine.
And just where did the time go while busily having fun?
It seems but only yesterday your youth had just begun!

Your children grew so quickly and you did not even know,
For in keeping oh so busy you forgot to watch them grow!
And those that scoff at Eternity are really not that sure,
The minds of Science have not found the elusive aging cure.

More and more Bible prophesy lines up with the passing of time,
We know that in the last times mockers are a watchful sign.
Blessed are those who read and who see God’s words and fear,
And heed the things written there for surely the time is near.

And in the fullness of time all will become alive and clear.
God says time waits for no man of that we can be sure,
So gird your loins, be ready, and keep your hearts pure.