Wednesday, July 27, 2011


When you sing, sing imagine you are in heaven.
We are redeemed, let us exalt His Holy Name!
When you sing, forget worries that bind you.
This is time to worship, to show Him our love!
When you sing, sweep away all other thoughts.
His Spirit moves you, so let your heart be led.

When you sing, sing as though Christ is among us.
The room is filled with His love, you praise Him.
When you sing, unencumbered, raise your hands.
Or bow your head, just as the Spirit leads, follow.
Do everything in an orderly manner, but sing!
Allow the Spirit to remove distractions from you.

When you sing, don’t look around you, worship Him.
Satan rages when our hearts are focussed upon God.
When you sing God is pleased with our Gift to Him.
Your voice does need to be perfect, to Him you are.
When you sing, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.
This is the time for us all to unite our praises to Him.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Enduring Prayer - Faithful Belief

Whosoever draws nigh to God
He is sure to draw nigh to him.
Whosoever asks something of God
He is sure to be heard and the request
Will be considered with us in mind.

For the Father knows what is best for us
He knows our needs before they are asked.
And each of us requires different answers.
Our greatest exigencies are trust and faith.

Without faith it is impossible to please God,
Without trust we cannot possibly obey Him.
Without a close walk with God we will not hear
What is required of us and what waiting means.

For to wait when an answer does not come,
Therein lies the true test of the believer’s faith.
The believers needs are often met after trials
Are endured and prayer shawls frayed.

Well done thou good and faithful servant
Often comes at the end of a dusty journey.
When the refiners fire has done its work.