Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Father!

I so miss the ones who have gone on to You!
I know that others feel the same way that I do.

It is not that I’m unsure of seeing them again,
I wish I could spare their loved ones such pain.

I’m not jealous, I know that I’ll soon be with You.
I will be able to greet my loved ones again too!

Life here is just as a breath as Your word says.
I’m assured of life with You one of these days.

Now that I’ve grown in You, realizing Your way,
I know I need to focus on You each and every day.

Being a Christian does not take away all the pain.
It won’t be long; keep me strong ‘til we meet again.

Remind me to pray for those that are left alone,
Give me words to say; You are on Your throne,

You will carry them when they need Your touch.
My prevailing prayer and love can mean so much.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


We only see but a little of the ocean,
A few miles distance from this rocky shore;
But Oh! Out there beyond... beyond the eyes’ horizon
There is more ... there is such more !

We only see a little of God’s loving,
A few rich treasures from His mighty store;
But Oh! Out there beyond ... beyond our life’s horizon
There is more ... there is so much more!

We only see but a brief glimpse of life
A few years living.....just this bodies’ store.
But Oh! Out there beyond... beyond our imagination
There is more....there is so such more!