Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This Man of God That You Gave Us on Communion Day

You knew what we needed God
A man with a servant's heart
Someone who looks on his own imperfection
And can readily overlook ours
Feed my sheep runs through his mind
But to me it seems you gave him
A daunting impossible task
Open up the windows of Heaven
And lean far over the ledges and hear
My prayers for Him this Commnion morning.

O Lord, this man of God, your servant
Who breaks the bread of life to us
Instructing us directly from your word
Hold him in the hollow of your hand
And keep him out of the line of the devil's arrow
Take and prepare him Lord this morning
Wash him with hyssop inside and out
Dry him with the warm winds of your Spirit
And speak through him sledge hammers of truth
That we many truly know his words came from you.

Fill him full of your Spirit Lord so that he many impart to us
A full measure of your truth emboldened by your power
Cause the words of his mouth to beat on the heart of sin
That we may bow in the knowledge of you chastening.
Give us the knowledge that this man's words come from you
Make him a direct conduit of your love and power
And anoint his hands with your healing power
That on this Communion day we may seek this man you gave us
And boldly ask him for a lightning touch from Thee.
That we might rise up not only renewed but healed.

And now, O Lord...
As we finish drinking the cup representing your blood
That was shed for us that we might live life anew.
Give us a heart for you that knows no defeat or tiredness
But is renewed every day with rich words of scripture.
And if we start again down that slippery slope of unbelief
Bring us up sharp with the telescope vision of eternity.
And allow this man that you have given to us
To continue to preach openly and boldly what you have said,
With no concern for what man might think of him.

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