Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Two Way Street

Prayer is always a two way street.
Interaction that denies distraction.
Urging you to take time to draw aside.
Simply to be quiet and there to abide.
Forget lists of things there are still to do,
Confession is first for it cleanses you.
Removing those walls you feel are there,
Then the peaceful time that is your prayer.

Your praise reaches right to the ear of Him
That takes and washes away all of our sin.
And the more you find to praise God for
Peace will wash over you like never before.
Your focus changes and the Spirit touches you
To pray for others that are in need of healing.
This moving from self into the church body
Is what we call the transition stage of prayer.

For it is no longer “me” but “we” and “others”
And your requests are for sisters and brothers.
This reaching outside of yourself and your needs
These are the meaningful prayers that intercede.
And as they do, they will begin to change you,
For now you are not “one” but you are many too.
Scores of names the Spirit will bring to your mind
And these are the prayers of the “prevailing kind”.

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