Monday, August 22, 2011

Living For Him

I am working hard to rise above the gratification of me.
But my works are all in vain for it was Jesus that set me free.

I do the work because His love has taken up residence inside
There is no need to wear a mask attempting to pull away and hide.

My deeds come from a desire to show His love for me and to you.
To serve Him, and sing His praises is what He’s created us to do.

I am saved by grace, living by faith, and I am walking in the light.
Wanting to listen to the Spirit’s call to do what is just and right.

I do not have to endeavour to prove anything to my gracious Lord.
For He walked this path Himself and He lived in sweet accord.

His gentle Spirit is what guides me in the way that I should talk.
It is His Spirit that prompts me in the way that I should walk.

Living for Him means dying to self daily and submitting to Him.
That is what keeps the devil from getting a hold and coming in.

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