Wednesday, March 28, 2012

To Give

To give reluctantly, the gift of the hand, not of the heart.
“Tis better not to have given at all for it doth impart
A spirit of meanness within a pocket of plenty.

To give cheerfully but not in proportion to need
Does not look to the receiver to help and to feed
A spirit of pride fullness lying within a cold heart.
To give cheerfully and proportionately does impart

A kindness of spirit, from one who risks all to win
Not just a pocket cache but the man deep within.
And to give in such a way that the distressed do
Not now their benefactor, that is a secret too.

One goal is to teach a man a trade or to help find
Him valued work so that it challenges his mind
Foregoing the need for charity which demeans all.
Christ’s promise is to provide our needs as we call

For it gives such joy and pours bountiful blessings.


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