Thursday, June 14, 2012


You, my Redeemer, give me such hope!
You bring joy after sorrow, peace after anxiety.
You who offers mercy after waywardness.
You who serves as my refuge in trouble.
You gather me up when I am in pain,
You ease my afflictions with Your words.

Weeping only endure but for a season,
But joy surely comes in the morning!
You have taught me to trust in You,
And not rely on the promises of men.
This world is not my home; here I serve,
I long for the day I will kneel before You!

I gather up ‘hope’ as a treasure in my hands.
And I warm it daily with Your Words.
It is as sweet savour, food for my body.
Nourishment for my mind which desires
To dwell on Your promises, for therein
Is the blessed hope of eternity with You!

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Peter said...

Love this poem!