Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Letter to Satan

Away, away, away with Thee,
O Devil, thou worker of iniquity!
You, who desires my soul for hell.
My Saviour always protects me well.

To those who hear what God says.
You try to work in devious ways
So that you can take the seeds away.
The ones that God has sown to stay

Deep within the heart of new believers.
When trouble comes you joyfully know.
You choke the Word so it cannot grow.
And some give up the fight with you.

Flee from me, I have power given to me.
I command you to depart, Christ set me free.
Christ’s blood shed on Calvary is my power.
I can command you to depart this very hour.

I am Christ's, bought with great power.
You will never choke my faith and devour.
The roots that run deep within my heart.
For I will never lose my faith and depart.

I know you are deceitful and untruthful.
What you want is our children youthful.
But with God’s guidance we‘ll protect
And Christ will watch and a wall erect.

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