Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Your Holy Spirit

Gentle Spirit, you speak to me; you wake me up.
There need not be a gentle wind or babbling brook.
You often worry my mind, leading me to pray.
You’ve even given me names and what to say.

It is your stubborn love that will not leave me alone.
Sometimes in the night sleep from me is thrown.
I’ll lie awake a while and often talk to you.
“Speak to me Lord, what would you have me do?

I take my pen and paper that is lying there.
And write down things you would have me share.
Sometimes you are not specific as to the need.
Yet still I am urged by You to intercede.

It can occur at any time, both night and day.
The need for obedience is essential when I pray.
For I know if I should ignore a leading from You
Your voice will get softer until nothing comes through.

My Saviour, You suffered so, and then were crucified
And You rose again and You thought of us before you left.
You left your Spirit here to guide us in all things.

Our love for You has given us power and afforded us wings.

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