Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Being Genuine

Do I surrender myself to be used of God
Or just proclaim that to be my desire?
Do I continue on as an empty shell
While I boldly ask God to light my fire?
Is the outward sign that I show to others
Truly the inward evidence of a changing me?
Am I just living my life as a white-washed mask
Fearful to show you the genuine me?
Is the Jesus in me truly shining right through,
Or do I try to produce His image on an empty screen?
Am I a false prophet claiming to be a seeker of truth
Or simply a poor actor in a walk-on part?
Do I merely strut my lines across the stage of life
Or have I truly given God all of my heart?
Do I project to you a vibrant living Christian
Playing the part only one day of the week?
For one tires so easily of having to perform in life
What in breathing doesn’t come naturally to me.
If God isn’t the very essence of my own life
How can I possibly share Him with you?
It doesn’t take long in the bustle of life
Until the genuine will come shining through.
God separates the wheat from the chaff
With one quick breath and brushing of hand.
An act can be played out for only so long
Before the real person you begin to see.
I’d rather be God’s person deep in my heart
And not worry about what you’re thinking of me.
To be conformed to the image of Christ
Is what I genuinely want to be

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