Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Searcher

Help me Lord, I feel so weary
From daily struggles deep inside.
Please help me know that you are real,
Teach me to abide in your love.

I want to know your inner peace,
The kind hidden deep inside.
Just to feel your sweet release,
And in your love abide.

I'm tired Lord of playing games,
Never sharing my inner thoughts.
Always smiling at the right times.
Seeing so clearly what I am not.

Release me Lord from chains of bondage,
Let me fly with wings on high.
Cut those chains that hold me captive.
I want to soar and touch the sky.

Freedom comes from knowing Jesus,
At least that's what I've been told.
I seach, I cry, I beg to know Him,
And pray one day His hand I'll hold.

Some days are filled with nothingness,
Those days seem so terribly long.
I cry out to God for knowledge,
Just to know to Him I do belong.

I hope one day I will awaken,
With promised of a new dawn's light.
All darkness, sorrow and despair,
Replaced by God's own wondrous light.

That day I'll sing and should Alleluia,
My heart will finally be free in thee.
The past now only a dim shadow,
God has released me, free to be me.

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