Wednesday, April 1, 2009


In days gone by they noted the passing of time
By placing marks upon a wall, or stretching out a line.
Sands that sat in an hourglass pouring life away.
For man has always known he was not here to stay.

Pendulum or digital, it can only count out the hour,
And sadly the march of time is not within our power.
The brevity of life has always stared us in the face,
But we expected to be granted some extra days of grace.

Even now it shocks us, the steady march of time,
For it was but yesterday your body was feeling fine.
And just where did the time go while busily having fun?
It seems but only yesterday your youth had just begun!

Your children grew so quickly and you did not even know,
For in keeping oh so busy you forgot to watch them grow!
And those that scoff at Eternity are really not that sure,
The minds of Science have not found the elusive aging cure.

More and more Bible prophesy lines up with the passing of time,
We know that in the last times mockers are a watchful sign.
Blessed are those who read and who see God’s words and fear,
And heed the things written there for surely the time is near.

And in the fullness of time all will become alive and clear.
God says time waits for no man of that we can be sure,
So gird your loins, be ready, and keep your hearts pure.

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