Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Own Way

Just once in a while I want things all my own way.
And then I rebel against what the Spirit has to say.
I begin try to rationalize just what I am trying to do,
I endeavor to open doors that God has closed too!

Disaster strikes when God then allows me my way.
I finally stop to listen to what the Spirit has to say.
I’ve walked this road so often, wanting my own will.
You would think I would learn to stop and be still.

God’s leading is obvious when you walk close to Him.
It is when I rebel that my way walks right into sin.
Listening is an action word telling me to wait and pray.
Not to move ahead until I know what Jesus has to say.

At times His answer takes too long and I run ahead myself.
Then I tend to ignore God’s word and leave it on the shelf.
It is not until I reach rock bottom that I cry out to Him.
"Dear Father please help me for I find I’m locked in sin!"

I ignore the Spirit’s voice as He’s called "come this way".
I run ahead and ruin things, not caring what He has to say.
"Forgive me Father, can we wipe my slate clean again?
Every time I try to rule my life, it always ends in pain.

This schoolroom is familiar, the one of "My Own Way".
The lessons are so costly for its with my growth I pay."
Like a stubborn goat that keeps banging against a wall
I refuse to surrender myself to Him until I take a fall!

I want to be used of Him and not such an impatient child.
Why can’t I learn to be more gentle, meek and even mild?
My own way has always lead to such a disastrous walk
Once I rebel against you, I neglect to listen to You talk.

Oh Lord, if only your Spirit could jolt my point of view
Point me in the right direction, point me right to YOU!"

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