Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Worry - The Plan

Some people simply name them “worry beads”
But I know in myself these are Satan’s seeds.
If worry is of Satan and not an impulse of man
This spore that grows inside me is part of His plan.
If he can chase myriad worries around in my head,
My thoughts are not my own but are His instead.

He captures my mind, His seeds flourish and grow
Then those seeds of doubt He will carefully sow
Quickly they consume and then they shackle me
So that my life is no longer God’s, no longer free.
That is how the subtle Prince of Darkness begins.
We’re unaware worry and doubt are His cache of sins.

If He can capture our thought life He knows He has won.
For we will have little time left for knowing God’s own Son.
If we cannot leave all our burdens at the foot of the cross.
Then this new life in Jesus we can count it all but loss.
Worry , dis-ease of the body, Satan’s occupation for man..
I think He spends all His time creating such a plan.

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