Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lord of All of Me

Eyes that remain closed and do not see.
I pray that those eyes don’t belong to me.
Ears that are closed and refuse to hear.
Open my ears so that I can hear clear.

Lips closed, not proclaiming your word.
May I be ready to share what I’ve heard.
Hands slack, not helping my brother’s needs
Are dividing hands that sow bitter seeds.

Feet that are slow to move in serving you.
May I be quick in walking your work to do.
A mind that is stubborn, so set in its ways.
Clear my mind Lord of what the world says.

A stubborn heart that doesn’t follow you.
Oh please remind me Lord to always be true!
A body drawn to the world’s lustful ways.
Keep me close Lord when my heart strays.

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