Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Vonnie wrote this poem on her way home from church this last Sunday morning...

Judging shrivels not only others but it destroys you.
You are hoping it will make you feel superior too!
It will have the opposite effect for it triples inferiority.
Proof that you are not making Christ your priority.

If Christ lives in you He will guide you how to deal
With all of the things in your life that make you feel
You have to pull down others to make you feel good

You need to ask Him to seal up your ears and eyes
To the faults of others that are sometimes just lies.
The plank you have is bigger than the mote you see
In your brother’s eye, so pray about it and let it be

Something you can ask the Lord to change in you,
A far better attitude towards brothers than you do.
If you go through life with your magnifying glass
Searching for faults, you will find them en masse.

But I guarantee that more miserable you will be
Miserable and lonely without friends don’t you see.
God’s focus is about all the good that you do.
Happier you will be if you just worry about you!

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